SHORT FILM (2018) 

Media is a dominant force that can shape minds and perception, and as media becomes more intertwined in our everyday lives, it influences our thinking. What does a future look like when the way we consume media becomes more personal by the minute? ‘A Death in the Family’ is a dystopian trend forecast to show people the dangers of a possible future where hyper- personalisation is the status quo. 

Coming soon. 


As our future becomes more individualised we lose what it means to be human: Connection, not to the internet but towards each other. Around a dinner table, we meet a traditional and perfect family. But only on the surface, they appear to be such. They seem to be reduced to simplified, cliché versions of themselves and live in a constant state of numbness in which distance and artificiality are a given. Simple, warm family life has turned robotic and cold. Abstract and alienating scenes bring forward the immense distance within this family and ask the viewer the question: is this what we want?  

Still photography by Jaimy Gail